Springboard Graphics. 

Springboard Graphics. 

A design studio for the smarter business. Creative, experienced, flexible 

Who we are.  

Two men, one woman and a dog, plus others who help out as required. 


Director and creative spark. Degrees in both Physics and Fine Art. Still wondering what to do when he grows up. 


Multi-tasking studio goddess – director, designer and office manager. Tri-lingual so be careful what you say. 


The marketing side of things. Degree in Marketing + 25 year’s industry experience. Also master fisherman and ex drummer. 


Our one dog security department. Noisy at times, but a cursory body scan and she’s your friend for life. 

How we work. 

We talk. You may want a simple flyer, a glossy brochure or a series of exhibition backdrops, but whatever it is, we want to find out as much as we can about what you want to achieve with your project and what ideas (if any) you may have. You may already have much of the material needed, or it may all be needed from scratch. You may want us to produce or you may already have your own suppliers and just want artwork. That's all fine with us. We'll quote you for whatever you need and go from there. 
We start work. You supply us with whatever images and text you have available and we'll work on a first proof. We can edit your text if you wish (or even write it) and we can supply photos if need be. Your feedback from the first proof leads to a second proof, and we repeat the process until you're happy with the result. We'll then either provide you with artwork for your own use, or produce it on your behalf using one of our long-standing network of printers. That's it. Done. 
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