Pro-Bolt are our longest standing customer. We have been associated with them since their inception, producing everything from their logo to press advertising to brochures to exhibition stand graphics along the way. 
The logo is now a common sight in the pit lanes of Superbike racing around the world and we are proud to have contributed in some part to their success. 
For many years we produced bi-annual newsletters for St. John Ambulance West Midlands. Generally between 12 and 16 A4 pages, we were asked to edit the articles as well as handle the design and print. 
The newsletter was seen as a useful way to increase staff involvement amongst a widely spread workforce. 
Local solicitors DF Legal approached us with a view to creating a suite of flyers to reflect and promote their various departments. Taking a cue from their existing logo, we came up with a look and feel which has given them a fresh and visually co-ordinated image across the company. 
Distributing the leaflets also led, virtually instantly, to new customers. Old school marketing still has its place! 
Advice 4U was a new startup last year and we were asked to provide them with a suitable logo, stationery, company brochure and support materials to get them up and running. 
Being in the financial sector, the look and feel was to be ‘corporate yet approachable’. 
And yes, they were very happy with the result! 
We were asked to design and print this 48 page book by UK NARIC, a Cheltenham-based company working in the education sector. We were given the text as a Word file and the brief included creating explanatory graphics from guidelines supplied. It was produced to an agreed budget and strict timetable and UK NARIC were delighted with the results. 
Mermet UK, based in Ross-on-Wye, sell roller blinds and advertise constantly in the architectural press. The same advert will generally be produced in a variety of sizes for use depending on available magazine space. 
Making an advert smaller is not just a question of shrinking the bigger one – it still has to be easily legible and still has to get the message across. Small ads are often tricky to design because it’s more a question of what you leave out rather than what you put in. 
If you have to leave a customer with a number of loose sheets or leaflets, a folder is a neat, professional way to present them. Folders also add your own branding to what may be other people’s literature. 
They don’t have to be expensive – the folder shown here was supplied flat for self assembly using the tab and slot on the two parts of the pocket. 
Solar Technology International is a long standing client and one whose business we know and understand in detail. 
We design and print much of their promotional material, amongst which are a range of boxes for their ‘PV Logic’ range of products. 
Often a neglected part of the business mechanism. A well-designed form makes your business process easier to implement and helps to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. We have experience in producing sets of NCR (no carbon required) forms, which can have as many differently coloured copies per set as required, can be sequentially numbered and can have your terms and conditions printed on the back. 
If you don’t want to go down the paper route and want an invoice which generates pdf invoices for emailing to your customers, we can help there too – we’ve recently done just this for Auxil Ltd. 
Not all brochures have to be printed. Mackenzie Bishop, a local marketing company, asked us to design what they called a ‘teaser’ document to email to targeted customers as an introduction to their services. 
An advantage to pdf documents is that the number of pages is irrelevant – as opposed to designing for a printed brochure where the number of pages is generally a multiple of four. 
We take a lot of our own photographs. whether for use in a brochure or on a website. 
It’s quick, convenient, and all part of the service. 
From time to time we are asked to provide illustrations for books or reports, or maybe even to visualise an idea such as the exhibition stand shown here, produced from overhead plans supplied. 
The drawing of the red blind system was one of a set of such illustrations designed to accompany a press release. 
Yes we design logos – usually from scratch but we can also update an existing logo if that’s what needed. 
A good logo is generally simple, memorable and appropriate to the product or business. It also needs to be versatile – it might be used on anything from a business card to a large external wall sign – and our suggestions will always allow for these basic principles. 
We’re asked to do many graphics purely for use online, whether it be for a Facebook header, a website button or an ad on a magazine site. 
We have the technology! 
CDs may seem a bit old hat but they represent a cheap and effective way of distributing a lot of information easily. 
We have two customers who regularly use them for sending out press packs and/or brochures and price lists. 
Cheltenham Borough Council asked us to design an information board for Montpellier Gardens in 2012, and we have now designed and produced several around the Parks and Gardens of Cheltenham. The latest, produced in 2016, was for Pittville Park. The map was drawn from aerial photos supplied and the graphic style mirrored the other boards around town. 
Not only Cheltenham Borough Council but also ‘The Friends of Pittville’ were delighted with the results. 
Pull-up banner stands are a popular way to create impact in a variety of situations, from permanent display in your office to occasional display at exhibitions or speaking engagements. 
They’re big, they’re lightweight, they’re easy to assemble, they’re excellent value for money and we’ve done loads of them! 
Pop-up display stands are an easily transportable way of providing an exhibition backdrop. 
We were asked to produce this stand from scratch for Hereford Youth Services, so we pitched up at one of their walks, took lots of pictures and got stuck into Photoshop. The resulting montage you see here was also used to produce other promotional materials including a folder. 
We are often asked to produce large boards for outdoor display. The cricket club board shown here was 2.5m x 1m whilst the kitchen display board was 3m x 0.75m. 
Printed using uv-stable inks onto hard plastic sheets, these boards are weatherproof and offer a durable solution to outdoor advertising. 
One of our clients, UK NARIC, has an annual conference in London and for many years we’ve been supplying them with various conference materials. 
Over the years we’ve produced digital brochures used to advertise the conference, documents containing transcripts of the conference workshops, banner stands, individually named delegate badges, as well as promotional items such as conference bags, banner stands, calendars and USB sticks. 
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